De Silva Associati
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Giorgio de Silva and Oliva
Mazzarelli de Silva currently own
the de Silva firm, founded in 1960 by Emilio de Silva.

Giorgio de Silva, co-owner and artistic director of de Silva Associates, holds a degree in architecture from the Turin Polytechnic and has worked in the fields of advertising, graphic design, visual arts and architecture. He has been an image and advertising consultant for public and private corporations and has collaborated as publishing art director for Seat Pagine Gialle (Yellow Pages). Giorgio's works have been on exhibit in many private galleries. In 1991 the Val d'Aosta Region dedicated a one-man exhibition to his work with the title "Memories from nowhere".

Oliva Mazzarelli de Silva, co-owner and designer of De Silva Associati, with a degree in architecture from Turin Polytechnic, Ms. Mazzarelli de Silva has worked in the fields of graphic design and advertising, architecture and visual arts. As a graphic designer she has created illustrations for leaflets, children’s books and advertisements, especially for public service campaigns. She has also illustrated stories by her mother, the author Gabriella Richeri, and supervises the annual competition dedicated to her by the city of Finale Ligure, “G. Richeri Mazzarelli - Voci di Liguria".
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